Arizona Mini Photo Essay

Over the holidays I spent a week back home with family in Arizona. This was the first time I was back home since I started shooting film, you could say I was pretty excited to get shooting in a new landscape and soak up some sun – Vancouver is so grey in the winter.

For this trip I brought down my trusty Olympus OM10 and my Olympus Stylus. I’ve recently gotten into a habit of exclusively loading black and white in my SLR and color in my point and shoot. I’m finding more and more that when I shoot on my SLR I’m challenging myself as a photographer and on the other hand when I’m using my point and shoot I’m capturing a moment with less worry on the shot itself. Not reinventing the wheel at all, just something I’ve done recently.

In the Olympus OM10 I had some Delta 400 and was shooting at 200. I’ve never overexposed black and white before but I thought it’d be fun to capitalize on the sunny weather and shoot for the mid-tones. I was shooting the desert so I didn’t want the contrast you might look for when you’re doing street photography. Next time I’m in that setting I’d go for a contrast look to experiment but I couldn’t get out much over this holiday so I had to stick with one plan.

I can’t give Delta 400 the justice it deserves but I did some reading on it before the purchase and wanted to give Casual Photophile a shoutout because this blog is very well written and gave me a good context before going with this stock of film. It’s a softer stock than what I normally shoot, HP5 or TriX but I like the look and I think it performed well at 200.

As for the Stylus I had a roll of Portra 400 loaded in there. It’s my go to when I want to get the best results with a point and shoot. This little guy never really fails me and as I get more comfortable with how it fires I can get good results in a variety of settings.

All the black and white shots were developed (Ilfosol 3) and scanned by me, color shots were developed my Kerrisdale Cameras in Vancouver.


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